The Ludicrous Christian Hysteria Of The Law Enforcement Guide To Satanic Cults

Satan is coming, but the Christian cops are here to stop him – more hysterical VHS documentary Satanic Panic nonsense.

More joyfully awful – yet depressingly dangerous – video nonsense from the days of the Satanic Panic. This VHS atrocity from 1994, hosted by ‘cop/pastor’ Gordon L Coulter – clearly a man who can be trusted with the truth – and self-claimed former satanic High Priest and current Christian Mullet Master Eric Pryor is aimed at officials who might actually have the authority to fuck with people’s lives based on the hysterical misinformation contained herein, which includes all the usual baby-eating, brood-maring, satanic cults are everywhere rubbish that was regularly destroying families and tearing communities apart back then, and which is still believed by the more psychotically unbalanced end of the internet.


If you can leave aside the very real damage caused by this nonsense, then this is a hugely entertaining slice of Christian hysterics, bad production, weird hairstyles and bikini-clad girls with pentagrams drawn of their stomach (which, to be fair, is something we should all definitely be keeping an eye out for). Just remember that everyone involved here is certifiably insane or a cynical liar. Or possibly both.

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