So Gay! Hunter’s Astonishing Queer Anthem


Being gay is still illegal in many backward countries, with imprisonment or even death the punishment for expressing one’s sexuality. One of those countries is Hunter’s native Tanzania, and perhaps that’s why he has made this fantastic slice of eccentricity and egomania.

So Gay is an extraordinary work – on the one hand, numbingly awful, on the other… well, no, it’s numbingly awful on both hands to be fair, but there’s something oddly compelling about this grinding slice of electro plod, with its incongruous boast about how many women want him clashing nicely with the cries of “I’m GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”, as the delirious video mixes oddball animation, Pride marches and military marching. The message may be a positive one, but the song itself is rather charmingly mad.

The press release for this ditty tells us that Hunter is “Hunter the Activist; Hunter the Fashion Guru; Hunter the Musician; Hunter the Creator” and now the leader of an LGBTQ Revolution – step aside, lifelong activists, Hunter is here!