The Dancing Moods Of Ben Ridley


In our ongoing quest to bring you the most eccentric, bizarre and downright awful music being churned out to an unsuspecting public, allow us to present Mr Ben Ridley, a classical pianist who has, perhaps unwisely, decided to venture into the pop world. The result is Dancing Mood, a single from the forthcoming album Sing – the title of which you might find yourself wincing at, as singing seems to be the one thing that Ben should have avoided here. Admittedly, Ben’s thin voice is not helped by the fact that the vocal and musical melodies seem to be in continual conflict with each other as both struggle unsuccessfully to find and hold a tune as the rather minimalist track plods along. We are told, almost provocatively, by the press release that Ben “spent years analysing the craft of song-writing in order to deliver this”. Listeners might think that this time was rather wasted.

Ben, apparently, is influenced by Todd Rundgren and Randy Newman. You might struggle to hear the former in this, while the latter would certainly be turning in his grave if he was dead.