Nikolas Schreck Talks The Charles Manson Conspiracy In London

nikolas schreck charles manson

Londoners at a loose end who want to peer behind the veil next week should check out the LDN Talks event on January 17th, where Reprobate friend and Charles Manson expert Nikolas Schreck discusses how what you think you know about the Manson Family and Tate-La Bianca murders might not be the unvarnished truth.

Schreck – author of The Manson File and director of the video Charles Manson Superstar – will discuss how the Manson mythology was largely built up by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi and how the official story has effectively downplayed Manson’s music industry connections and the dark side of Hollywood that the victims in the case were involved in. At a time when Hollywood’s dirty secrets are being exposed and a new official narrative of celebrity predators is being crafted to cover some uncomfortable truths about how the star system has always worked, Schreck’s version of the Manson mythology seems more relevant than ever.

Tickets are £12, and the event takes place at Trapeze in Shoreditch between 7pm and 9pm. You can buy tickets here: