Linda Lovelace Meets The Rock Stars


A collision of 1970s popular culture as the porn queen meets the kings of rock.

You can’t imagine it now, given how thoroughly right-on our current batch of popular music performers (‘rock star’ seems rather inappropriate a term to use for the likes of Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift) are, but back in the 1970s, Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace – in the days before she repented her past and became the poster child for anti-porn campaigners – was a regular on the celebrity circuit and hung out with all manner of rock ‘n’ roll royalty as they passed through Los Angeles.

There are a series of gloriously incongruous shots of Linda at Keith Moon’s birthday party around 1976, in which she can be seen hanging with Moon, a photo-bombing Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees (who would later appear with her in Linda Lovelace for President), her boyfriend David Winters (the choreographer and film director) and Exorcist star Linda Blair. Quite the unlikely celebrity line-up.




And she also met up backstage with Kiss around 1974 or so. No word on whether or not the Throat and the Tongue got together.





Famously, Linda appeared on stage to introduce Elton John at the Hollywood Bowl in 1973, announcing a number of (alleged) celebrity guests and the band before Elton makes his understated appearance on stage. You can enjoy the intro (indeed, the whole show) here:

Not to be outdone, Led Zeppelin had Linda introducing their three nights at the Inglewood Forum in 1975. Again, it has been preserved for posterity, though the intro, in this case, is rather more basic:

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