Ted Cassidy Sings The Lurch


Although he had a long career in film and television, Ted Cassidy is best known for one role: hulking butler Lurch in The Addams Family TV series. While Lurch was a somewhat monosyllabic character, the giant Cassidy actually possessed a voice as imposing as his stature, and much of his career involved voice work and narration. And in 1965, he lent that voice to a novelty record cashing in on his fame in the cult series,

The Lurch is a swingin’ little tune based around the Lurch Dance (fans of The Addams Family will remember that Lurch actually did a funky jig in one episode), and moves along quite pleasantly. The B-side, Wesley, is a country tune that is also worth a listen.

The Lurch was written by Gary Paxton, who also wrote The Monster Mash. Sadly, this particular record was not a hit, but it’s one of the more fun novelty tracks you’ll come across.