William Shatner Covers The Cramps


The bitter jealousies of unemployable Star Trek supporting players be damned – William Shatner is one of the coolest people alive (and long may he stay that way). If you’ve ever heard his astonishing albums, how could you ever suggest otherwise? And now, the great man has pulled out all the stops with a jaw-dropping version of the Cramps’ Garbageman, which is one of the tracks from the forthcoming Dr. Demento Covered in Punk – a genuinely astounding-looking affair that features 64 cover versions over two hours. Either punked up editions of novelty hits, or ‘eccentric’ takes on punk classics, by artists that also include Adam West, Joan Jett and the Misfits. Available in January as a 3-disc vinyl set with 20 page booklet or a double CD with 48 page booklet, it looks remarkable.