Vincent Price Tells You How To Sell Your Soul To Satan


Perhaps more than any other horror star, Vincent Price managed to milk his image as a master of the macabre for all it was worth – possibly because he took it all rather less seriously than, say, Christopher Lee.

Whether it was being the face of the Hangman board game and Shrunken Head Apple kits or appearing on songs by Alice Cooper and Michael Jackson, Price seemed game for it all. This included several spoken word LPs, with Price reading horror stories and – more interestingly – discussing the world of black magic and the occult. The most famous is 1969’s Witchcraft and Magic – An Adventure in Demonology, a double LP in which Price moves from discussing the history of witchcraft to instructing the listener on how to make a pact with the Devil and become a witch – dramatic stuff!

We’ll be covering the whole story of Price’s occult recordings in Satan Superstar, but for the impatient among you, here’s the entire album.

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