“I Have Such Sights To Show You… In My Pants”: X-Rated Hellraiser Spoof Cockraiser

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 15.50.47

Woodrocket and Lee Roy Meyers continue their stream of highly unlikely porn spoofs with Cockraiser, released to Pornhub in time for both Halloween and Hellraiser‘s thirtieth anniversary. In this version of Clive Barker’s story, horny and frustrated Kirsty (April O’Neil) summons up semonite demon Penishead to do away with her stepmother Julia – but not before trying him out for herself.

There’s a talking dildo and much referencing 1980s horror, but as with many a porn parody, it struggles to keep the actors in character once things get going, and at 33 minutes, it feels more like an extract than a full film. But hey, it’s free to watch (unless you have government-mandated blocks on your computer), and mildly amusing for fans of Hellraiser or consciously cheesy smut.

And hell, it’s still better than most Hellraiser sequels.

You can watch the nudity-free trailer here:

And the whole thing (minus the Pornhub Premium-only bonus scene) is here:


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