David Lynch’s Louboutin Shoe Fetish

The artistic and fetishistic combination of David Lynch and Christian Louboutin.

In 2007, David Lynch collaborated with shoe designer Christian Louboutin for a photographic art project called Fetish. Under instruction from Lynch, Louboutin – already famous for his extreme, almost unwearably high shoes that straddled the divide between footwear and art – created footwear that entirely dismissed the idea of comfort or practicality, with 26cm heels and the so-called ‘Siamese heels’ – two shoes fused together. These shoes then worked as the inspiration for 21 erotic photographs by Lynch, which were exhibited in Paris and Russia. These are moody, sexy, sometimes disturbing images – the work of an artist of the leash and creating what he wants. Lynch played with his reputation for being a shoe fetishist (and, indeed, a man with an eye for an attractive lady) in the recent third season of Twin Peaks – I dread this coming back to bite him in the ass in the current climate of accusation and fear.

There’s an out-of-print, much sought-after book edition that is almost certainly unaffordable for most people. Here is a selection of the images.

Continuing their collaboration, in 2016 Louboutin created the Shoe Peaks bag, inspired by Lynch’s Twin Peaks and created from the last of the designer’s legendary So Kate stilettos. Yours for just £2,395.


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