Devil Worship – The Rise Of Satanism

7Iu6CHJA hysterical Christian fundamentalist exposé of the Satan Underground and the influence of occult entertainment.

From fundamentalist (with the emphasis on ‘mentalist’) Christian film distributors Jeremiah Films  – the people who also brought you AIDS – What You haven’t Been Told and The Secret World of Mormonism – comes this searing exposé of the occult that YouTube poster Occult Demon Cassette accurately calls “a tour-de-force of hysterical tomfoolery”. Every bit of demented 1989 Satanic Panic is here, in all its fact-free glory, and you can enjoy it all in authentic VHS-O-Vision.

If this either inspires you or puts the willies up you, don’t forget to check out our book Satan Superstar, where this sort of demented nonsense will be examined in detail.

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