Meet The Country Sisters

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As regular readers will know, we love the eccentric and the oddball when it comes to music – the acts who are not quite and so much more entertaining than any cookie cutter, autotuned, manufactured act. A tip-off about one such act (who we’ll be covering next week all being well) led down a rabbit hole that eventually took us to The Country Sisters, an all-female Czech country and western (and rock ‘n’ roll) act who have apparently been in “the show business” for forty years! Not, we assume, with the same line up, unless the fountain of youth has been found in the Czech Republic. Perhaps it has – until this point, we had no idea that the nation was a hotbed of country music talent.

Their website describes them as “young, beautiful, always charming and smiling ladies” and “high temper singers”. We have no idea what that means, but we think you’ll agree that the following selection of clips are marvellous, as the band trot through assorted covers of familiar songs, all with a rather unique execution. As Eric Morecambe memorably said – and we will continually quote – it’s all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.

This is addictive stuff for the connoisseur. Enjoy!

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