Elvira’s Sexy Witch Perfume


Celebrity fragrances are nothing new, but the idea of a perfume line by Elvira nevertheless seems a bit unexpected. Though perhaps it shouldn’t be – after all, Cassandra Peterson has done an impressive job of turning her Vampira-copycat character into an industry that has outlasted the period of fame we might expect for a local TV horror host by over thirty years.

Surprisingly, the Elvira line from Demeter launched in 2013, with enticing scents like  VampBlack Roses and Zombie (because who doesn’t want to smell like a rotting corpse?). Now, a new addition has been announced in time for Halloween – Sexy Witch is described as:

“A blend that captures the full possibilities of an adult perspective on Halloween, but for every day. Deep and sensual, without being at all dark, this fragrance uses exotic ingredients, like two kinds of Amber, Blood Orange and Vanilla Orchid petals, to make this blend unique, in the way only Elvira and Demeter can.”

Available in 30 and 100ml sizes for $25 and $40 respectively, Sexy Witch can be ordered here.