News: The Samhain Dark Arts Fayre


Here’s the poster and information for the next event where you can meet us and buy The Reprobate, along with other collectible books, blu-rays and DVDs, records and assorted bric-a-brac, as well as finding other stalls selling groovy items. The Samhain Dark Arts Fayre takes place on October 22nd at Kolis (formerly, and more excitingly, called Lounge 666) on Archway Road in London, between 12 – 6pm. If you’ve been to the Satanic Flea Market before, you’ll know what to expect – fun times, esoteric stalls, great music, good beer and a crowd that are glorious enough to almost be worth the price of admission by themselves.

This time round, we’re taking pre-order requests for coffee mugs, metal bookmarks and card holders, so if you are coming along and want specific images on those items, feel free to hit us up with details before October 9th and we’ll see what we can do.