A Collection Of Godzilla Novelties

While rummaging through the Reprobate HQ archives this weekend, we came across a forgotten collection of Godzilla novelties, all too much fun not to share.


This clock is a splendid item – priced at 2000 yen when originally bought – and features the baby versions of Godzilla and Mothra, King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla. I’m sure you’ll agree that this would make a splendid addition to any wall.

Baby Godzilla also popped up in this cute keyring, which comes in a nice little box featuring cityscapes for him to terrorise.


And most amusing of all was this plush Godzilla, which we tried to introduce to the office cat, to no avail. We were shocked. I mean, how could anyone resist this?


All these little Godzies will now be joining our Aurora model kit (yes, he’s been through the wars since his construction in the early 1970s) as part of our Godzilla shrine…


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