Meet Johann Sebastian Punk


As regular Reprobate readers will know, we have a taste for eccentric, outsider artists, and so when the press release for Italian performer Johann Sebastian Punk popped into our mailbox, we were inevitably delighted. I’m not sure what we can really tell you about him – his new album Phoney Music Entertainment seems like a mind-bending conceptual piece, which he describes as “psych/art-pop opera”. He’s also working on “the writing of a polemical essay provisionally entitled ‘Revolt Against Contemporaneity’ in which I state we are living an Ice Age of Arts caused by the regressive influences of the mob rule in the dynamics of cultural industry. In my theory, such crisis concerns every aspect of human interactions, in a nihilist/individualist perspective.”

We’re hoping to interview JSP at some point, and review his magnum opus. Meanwhile, he has helpfully shot a video introducing himself. Enjoy!

And if that got you excited, here’s his current single that, possibly against the odds, is oddly compelling.