David Hess And Gunnar Hansen In Krug Conquers England


Back in 2000, David Hess and Gunnar Hansen toured the UK with their films Last House on the Left and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. At the time, Texas… had only recently been approved by the British censors after being banned for 25 years. Last House was less fortunate – at the time, it was still banned outright (and would later be passed, after protracted legal wrangling, with heavy cuts, before being miraculously found harmless a couple of years later). As a result, the film could only be shown in cinemas with the approval of local authorities – and most refused to give that approval. On that did was Leicester, where your Reprobate editor shot the following interviews. Naturally, censorship is at the forefront of the discussion, but you’ll also get to see Hess – who wrote songs for Elvis Presley among others – singing on stage.