Dean Hurley’s Ambient Twin Peaks Score Available To Buy


As beloved as Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks score is – from the lush, haunting theme tune, though the weird and disturbing themes and onto the faux-soap opera music – there is no disgusing the fact that it has taken a back seat in the new series. Badalamenti’s muic appears at important moments – taking us back, reminding us of past events – but it’s generally inappropriate for this new, darker, weirder season. Instead, the musical cues come from both the gust bands that have closed out most episodes (or popped up midway through to destroy our sense of reality, as in the appearance by ‘The’ Nine Inch Nails) and from the atmospherics created by Dean Hurley, which give the series that sense of unease and connect it to Lynch’s other cinematic works, where the soundtrack is easily as important as the visuals.

Now, you can buy Hurley’s themes, cues and atmospherics, created with Lynch’s Asymmetrical Studio, for your private listening pleasure. Anthology Resource Vol. 1 is described as “an unofficial ambient score to Twin Peaks, offering a more abstract counterpoint to the show’s official soundtrack and score”, this is powerful, unsettling stuff, and a bargain at $5.