The Erotic Polaroids Of Carlo Mollino

mollinobookThe remarkable and secret erotic photography of the master designer.

Carlo Mollino was one of the 20th Century’s great designers, creating innovative and stylish new imaginings of everything from furniture and fashion to cars, buildings and even aircraft. Secretly, he was also an equally innovative erotic photographer – from around 1960, he would take polaroid shots of mostly naked models (usually dancers) in Turin, which he would then painstakingly touch up to create stylised, idealised images. These astonishing shots remained a secret until his death in 1973, and even then, few were publicly seen until the publication of the book Carlo Mollino Polaroids in 2000. Taken from a collection of over 1500 images, the book gathers together 250 images.

It would be great to see the entire collection preserved in print, but until that happens, this book is an essential purchase. Below is a small taster of what to expect. You can buy the full book here.


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