Musikladen’s Sexy GoGo Girls

musikladen gogos

The raunchy and scantily-clad dancers from the popular German pop show.

Musikladen was a German TV music show that ran from 1972 to 1984, the successor to the famous Beat Club series of the 1960s. It was very much the German equivalent of Top of the Pops, featuring mimed performances by the hitmakers of the day. And like Top of the Pops, it had its own dance troupe who would fill in when they couldn’t get live performers. But the GoGos were somewhat raunchier than Pan’s People or Legs & Co could ever hope to be, with bare breasts, see-through tops and jiggling dance moves that are almost hypnotic.

You’ll probably never see the likes of this again, given what a prudish and PC world we live in. But thankfully, there’s plenty of footage of the GoGos online, and here are several highlights, giving you the double whammy of scantily-clad, sexy dancing girls and obscure Euro pop hits. Enjoy!

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