Britain’s Sexiest TV Commercial – The Limara Cartoon


British TV advertising has never been especially sexy, at least when compared to its continental cousins, but in 1985, one ad was certain to get viewers hot under the collar – and it was a cartoon.

The ad for Limara body spray was animated by Eric Goldberg for the Richard Williams Animation Studio, and was a role reversal take on the Sleeping Beauty story. Backed by a song belted out by Stevie Lange (who also sang the Bodyform jingle, and who British horror movie fans will remember as the voice of Night, the band who performed The Stripper in 1980 film The Monster Club), this was as raunchy as you could hope for back in the day (and, indeed, now). Oddly, there seemed to be no time restriction on when this was broadcast, and in the days before OFCOM, irate viewers could only write impotent letters of aroused fury to local broadcasters as the scantily-clad heroine of the ad sashayed her way across the screen.

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