News: Mansfield 66/67 – New Documentary About Jayne Mansfield And Anton LaVey


The story of how how 1950s sex symbol and Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey got together has long been the subject of myth and speculation – something fuelled by her grisly death in a car crash in 1967, a year after they met and long rumoured by the easily-led to be the result of a curse. Now, the story – not necressarily the true story – is the subject of new documentary Mansfield 66/67, from the team behind the gloriously eccentric Room 237 and other documentaries, P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes. The film explores the “rumour and hearsay” surrounding their relationship and Jayne’s death, and includes contributions from an eccentric collection of commenters, from Mamie Van Doren, Kenneth Anger and John Waters, to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls star Dolly Read, gender-bending 1980s pop star Marilyn and Peaches Christ.


Like many an indie project, Mansfield 66/67 is crowd funding – not for production costs, as the film is already shot, but for pesky last minute things like rights clearances and other legal stuff. And it’s offering some fine looking perks, from the original poster and pink vinyl soundtrack LP to vintage Jayne and Anton-related treats, including vintage Playboys and the Jayne mansfield-shaped hot water bottle – and who wouldn’t want that?

You can read the full details and check out the perks here:

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