Freakout, USA

Freak Out, USA (Warren Publishing) Issue #1

Warren Publishing were best known for their horror titles – ranging from the movie mag Famous Monsters of Filmland to comic books such as Vampirella, Creepy and Eeerie. But like many a publisher, Jim Warren had his ear to the ground and would publish one-shots (or ‘few-shots’) cashing in on current trends. One such publication was Freakout, USA, which covered the underground music scene of 1967 with all the depth you might expect from something thrown together to make money. So there are features on underground heroes like The Fugs, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention and the Jefferson Airplane alongside teenybopper stuff like The Monkees (talking about ‘LSD and hairy stuff’) and decidedly non-underground acts like The Supremes. Quite what hippies of the day made of it is anyone’s guess.

You can read the entire first issue (it only seemed to last for two editions) here: