Onuka – Ukranian Electro Pop Insanity


The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest was not a vintage show – a dismal winning song, performed by a churlish victor, and a general lack of eccentricity scuppered it for us. But the highlight was the half-time show. No, not the bottom-baring Australian (and seriously, where have we come to as a society that the BBC need to broadcast an apology for bare buttocks at 10.45pm?), but the deliciously eccentric Ukranian electro-industrial-folk-disco-krautrock flavoured band Onuka.

Their fine performance at the show sent us in search of more from this band, formed in 2013 by Eugene Filatov and Nata Zhyzhchenko. And what delights we discovered. For those of you new to Onuka, enjoy this feast of impressive music and eccentric video, including the Eurovision performance.