La Sequence Des Barres Parallèles

la sequence des barres paralleles

Shot in 1993 by Ian Kerkhof (currently known as Aryan Kaganof), La Sequence de Barres Parallèles is a seven-minute black and white film is a loving tribute to fetishism and the European erotic cinema of the 1970s. Devoid of nudity and any blatant sexual activity, the film nevertheless has a potent erotic frisson, with a rubber-clad Gabrielle Provaas exiting a car – complete with fetishised stiletto shoe close-ups that made a colleague of mine almost fall off his chair in excitement when we first saw the film in a back room of the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam – and enter a dark warehouse, where she is chained up and worshipped by two men.

Playing with ideas of domination and submission, the film is one of the lost greats of European arthouse erotica. Much of Kaganof’s work has become difficult to see – a DVD / blu-ray collection would be rather welcome – but this one is online (how legitimately, we don’t know). Enjoy.

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