Monsieur Le Stud Aftershave


The Stud was inexplicably popular at the end of the 1970s – sitting somewhere between the glossy soap operas of US TV mini-series and the low-rent antics of Seventies British sex films, the film – based on Jackie Collins’ potboiler novel and starring her sister Joan alongside hunky Oliver Tobias and a host of British softcore starlets – had just enough tits ‘n’ ass to keep audiences happy, and just enough surface gloss to be seen as something more than merely soft porn.

The soundtrack of popular disco hits and recent chart toppers probably helped too, and the film spawned both an equally popular sequel – The Bitch – and an unofficial third film, The World is Full of Married Men, both again based on Jackie Collins novels.

the stud

While the film spawned the expected soundtrack album and tie-in paperback, the X-rated antics probably reduced other opportunities for merchandising. Except for this. Monsieur Le Stud was a manly aftershave that was sure to drive the ladies wild – if the musk and ginseng didn’t get them, then surely spotting the bottle in the bathroom of your bedsit would. This was clearly for the man who never went home alone, ever.

Sadly forgotten in perfume history, if any reader ever owned a bottle of this scent – indeed, if any of you still have a bottle – then we would be keen to hear from you. Assuming you have time to spare from fighting off the ladies, of course…