News: The Sexual Freedom Ball


The Sex Maniacs Ball has had various incarnations since it launched in the 1980s – known over the years as The Safer Sex Maniacs Ball, The Planet Sex Ball and eventually from the late 1990s as Night of the Senses, the Ball was London’s most hedonistic annual party – even in a world of fetish clubs, the Ball was something soecial, with its pansexual approach and attractions.

In recent years, the Ball has had its fair share of problems – taken over by a new team, it stopped being what it was (and more significantly, failed to raise money for The Outsiders Trust, the charity that Ball founder Tuppy Owens set up to help disabled people find partners), and so has been clawed back by the original team. Now, it’s relaunching as The Sexual Freedom Ball in what has been described as a ‘stripped back’ version, taking place on 23rd September at Club Union in London.

Fans of the Ball will be pleased to know that many of the traditional attractions remain intact: the dungeon, the couples room, the dark room and the performance area, where acts like outrageous stripper Mouse will be entertaining the crowds. Most of the entertainment is, of course, provided by the attendees themselves.

Tickets go on sale May 1st – set your alarms accordingly.

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