News: Wisconsin Death Trip At Regent Street Cinema


One of the great TV moments of the turn of the century was the 2000 BBC Arena documentary Wisconsin Death Trip. Based on the 1973 book of the same name by Michael Lesy, James Marsh’s film tells the true story – or more accurately, stories – of murder and suicide in the 19th century that took place in the small town of Black Rover Falls, Wisconsin. Using archive photographs, eye witness accounts, news reports and recreations, the film is a remarkable study in Southern Gothic, moody, creepy and unforgettable, made even more potent by the soundtrack by DJ Shadow and John Cale.

Of course, like many a BBC production that isn’t Only Fools and Horses or Doctor Who, it has subsequently slipped into obscurity, unreleased on home video and only seen by those who had the foresight to record it on the first transmission. So the news that the film is to get a one-off showing at London’s Regent Street Cinema, courtesy of the Heavenly Films Night, is very welcome. The screening is on May 4th, and director Marsh will be there to introduce and do a Q&A afterwards.

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