Harold Lloyd’s Stereoscopic Nudes From The 1950s And 60s


UPDATE: Thanks to Mark Bennett for pointing out what we should have already known, namely that these are (mostly / entirely) the work of Harold Lloyd, who was a keen and wealthy amateur photographger with an eye for the naked lady. We should explore the erotic side projects of celebrities (Leonard Nimoy was another keen photographer of the nude) more at some point…

Before the Viewmaster, there was the Stereoscope – a device for viewing 3D images created by two side-by-side images. Inevitably, the stereoscope attracted the connoisseur of naked young ladies, and numerous glamour cards. This collection is particularly fascinating – it includes a shot of Bettie Page, one of several taken at the time, and the locations of other photos are recognisable from other Bettie photos. These don’t seem to be part of the Irving Klaw collection, so who was this photographer? Any further information on these images is most welcome.


The photos are also notable for featuring models in awkward, stiff poses, suggesting a lack of professionalism all round. As a time capsule, they are rather priceless.


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