News: Rick Wakeman Announces Luxurious Crimes Of Passion Box Set


Crimes of Passion has long been one of Ken Russell’s most underrated films – a wild ride of excess, sex and violence that showed him to have lost none of his edge in 1984. That it helped end any hope of a mainstream Hollywood career for Russell is something to admire as well.

Now, film score composer Rick Wakeman has announced a 250 edition collector’s box set, featuring last year’s Arrow blu-ray, the soundtrack CD, a signed / numbered Certificate, 8 A6 repro lobby cards, a repro Japanese Press Pack, A3  poster and repro press release. At £75, it’s probably not for the casual fan, though there are individual items – including the CD – available for less. It’s a shame that there is no vinyl option available, though.


Wakeman commented:

“Working with Ken Russell was not only a highlight in my musical life but also a great learning time for me as well….Ken truly understood film and film music like no other. He knew what he wanted, but after telling you then expected you to take his ideas to another level.

“He was always involved and came to stay with me during my writing period. He would listen and make suggestions. He would always be complimentary if you did something he really liked and if he felt something wasn’t working musically he would discuss it with you and explain what he needed for the film.

“I learned so much from Ken and to this day I feel it is a tragedy that in his later years film companies didn’t give him more opportunities to show off his talents.

Crimes of Passion is a much deeper film than it has ever been given credit for. It took many years before Lisztomania became cult and recognised for the clever film it was and I class Crimes of Passion in a similar way…

“With every film Ken ever made the viewer and listener has to immerse themselves into every crevice of the work and may take multiple viewings before his genius is truly absorbed.”

You can pre-order via the Pledgemusic page: