Horrific Vintage Easter Bunny Encounters

creepy-scary-easter-bunny-meme-retro-vintage-rockabilly-pin+up-4Grotesque and disturbing childhood photographs of yesteryear with decidedly unsavoury Easter Bunnies.

Grown men dressed as rabbits are a worrying sight at the best of time, and Easter hardly makes it any less unnerving. But what then possesses people to create Easter Bunny costumes as genuinely terrifying and nightmarish as those shown here is hard to fathom. At best, they are misguided attempts at cuteness; at worst, they seem deliberately, smugly sinister.

And the idea that people would cheerfully infict these horrific monsters on their children beggers belief. Do they hate their kids that much? A lifetime of bedwetting flashbacks awaits the poor sprogs in these photos.


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