Tornado – Britain’s Short Lived Comic Book Of Heroic Adventure


Released on March 24th 1979, the short-lived (22 issues) British comic Tornado – later absorbed into 2000AD. Like many a comic launched around this time, it lacked a solid identity and harked back to an age now passed (even the cover gift on isue 1 was an inferior version of the famous 2000AD Space Spinner). Still, there were a few fun strips including Blackhawk and The Mind of Wolfie Smith, both of which briefly survived the transition, albeit with some narrative fudging (Blackhawk was the story of a freed black Roman slave that had to have a sci-fi reboot to make the move). Oddly, science fiction story The Angry Planet was dropped. In the history of British comics, Tornado is now almost forgotten, but could be argued to be the last of its ilk, at least until the revamped Eagle arrived.

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