News: Enter The Private World Of G.G. Allin And Family In New Documentary Film


Punk rock wild man G.G. Allin died of a heroin overdose in 1993 – failing to keep his promise of an onstage murder / suicide exit – and was the subject of Todd Phillips’ remarkable documentary Hated. Now, a new Danish film – The Allins – returns to the subject, this time taking a look into his private family life with mother Arleta and brother / band mate Merle – who still fronts The Murder Junkies to this day.

This promises to be less sensationalist than Hated, and might give a rare insight into thr real G.G., who has only been seen as the shit-flinging, bloodstained, fan-assaulting rock ‘n’ roll maniac of legend.

The Allins is scheduled for release in Denmark in April.