Angelyne Wants A New Billboard


If you visited Hollywood in the 1980s or 90s – or, hell, if you simply saw any film set in Hollywood during that era – then you are probably familiar with Angelyne, the star of huge billboard adverts in the city – and very little else. Trading off her bimbo image – all blonde hair, pouty lips, big boobs and lots of pink – Angelyne became a cultural icon without doing very much, though she had a brief recording career and made a few films (before her image makeover, she had bit parts in the likes of Phantom of the Paradise, The Wild Party and Can I Do It… Till I Need Glasses?).

The absence of Angeleyne’s ludicrously huge, self-promoting billboards in recent years is a sorry thing, and so we are fully behind her crowd-funding campaign to bring them back. For just $15, you can get a photograph and a warm glow of satisfaction for helping return a bit of glamour to Hollywood.