The Sexy World Of Fausto Papetti

Fausto Papetti (28 January 1923 – 15 June 1999) was an Italian alto sax player and recording artist, who specialised in covers of popular chart hits and standards. He had a long career and ground out LPs relentlessly – several a year at times. In that sense, he was no different than many an easy listening band leader, from James Last to Geoff Love – a workmanlike musician who satisfied a need for unchallenging music for older listeners no longer intertested in pop caterwauling.

Like many an easy listening band leader, Fausto rarely appeared on the covers of his LPs. There’s a good reason for this – Fausto was not the most photogenic of men. Here he is:


In a world that traded on sophistication and sex appeal, Fausto just wasn’t going to cut it.

But this was the era when the gratuitously sexy album cover came to the fore. Girls in various states of undress were a regular sight in the record racks, especially gracing the covers of compilation albums and easy listening recordings. And no one embraced this idea with quite as much enthusiasm as Fausto. The vast majority of his LPs feature boobs, bums and bikinis, and CD compilations seem to have continued the theme, even though such imagery is deeply frowned on these days. Good for them.

The following 70 images are not even a complete collection of Fausto’s recordings. Do we need to tell you that some of the following images include nipples and are therefore probably not safe for work, unless you work somewhere cool? No, thought not. Enjoy.

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