News: Sara Le Roy’s The Disenchanted Forest 3D Art Show

Dutch artist Sara Le Roy brings her remarkable 3D art to a solo exhibition called 3D Tales (The Disenchanted Forest) at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, Hackney on February 23rd for a month.

Le Roy’s paintings are created with overlays of red and green, creating a startling 3D effect when viewed with traditional red and green glasses, taking us through the looking glass. The work reinvents the fairytale, drawing upon stories from her own life and those of her models, with Red Riding Hood, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty exploring the modern urban experience and the dark, hidden sexuality of the usually Disneyfied fairytale characters. The exhibition also features a selection of mutated Mickey Mouse images.

Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, Stour Road, London E3 2NT is open Thursday and Friday 5 – 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm.

Here’s a gallery of imagery from the exhibition:

Tinkerbell – 156 x 125cm, oil on canvas, 3D
Black Wolf – 124 x 93cm, photograph on canvas, 3D
Latex Alice and the Black Rabbit – 146 x 140cm, oil on canvas, 3D
Mouse J0b – 60 x 36cm, oil on canvas
Mutant Mickey in Labour
Pinoochio – 154 x 124cm, oil on canvas, 3D
Whoring Ariel – 120 x 95cm, oil on canvas, 3D
Sleeping Beauty – 154 x 125cm, oil on canvas, 3D