News: Video Nasty Lurid Trumps – The Final Collection On Pre-Order Now


Our chums at Gods and Monsters – fine purveyors of limited edition cult movie-related novelties – have announced their fourth and final collection of Lurid Trumps Video Nasties card games.

Filling in the final titles from the so-called ‘section 3’ films – movies not prosecuted as obscene during the video nasty scare of the early 1980s, but still liable for seizure by excitable police forces across the UK – this is another set of eye-popping VHS sleeve artwork on 40 glossy playing cards, housed in a plastic case and once again featuring a notorious figure from the nasty era as cover star – in this case, God’s Cop, the notoriously insane Greater Manchester Chief Constable James Anderton.

If you already have the previous three collections, you’ll need no encouragement to snap these up; if you haven’t, why not start a collection now? The long out-of-print first editions sell for a fortune on eBay, so they are a solid investment if nothing else.

The set is limited to 200 copies, and are a very reasonable £15 in the UK. Order them here.