Christeene’s Butt Muscle – An Anal Anthem Of Liberation


Christeene – drag terrorist, musician, performance artist and confrontationalist – has returned with her most outrageous, challenging video to date. Butt Muscle is an anthem to all things anal, and is just the sort of thing to cause palpitations amongst censors, homophobes and bigots everywhere. Which is pretty much the point.

With appearances from porn star Ashley Ryder,  fashion designer Rick Owens and his partner Michèle Lamy, and directed by Matt Lambert, Butt Muscle is a celebratory orgy of lube, piss, buttocks, fists, giant dildo guns and glorious hedonism. It goes without saying that this is NSFW or even remotely family friendly. It’s also rather brilliant.

You can read about Christeene’s extraordinary live London shows from last year in The Reprobate: First Transmission.

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