Shannon Matthews – The Musical

shannon matthews the musical

On the BBC at the moment is a predictably restrained and earnest documentary about the Shannon Matthes story- the nine-year-old girl who was fake kidnapped by her mother, post Madeline McCann, in the hope of claiming a reward for later finding her.

God bless Kunt and the Gang, then. The purveyor of gloriously outrageous and offensive ¬†novelty ‘hits’ made an extraordinary musical version of the story,¬†shamefully not picked up by any theatre in the UK , that seems to be a more accurate ¬†– and hilarious – version of events than the po-faced BBC version could ever be. And he’s made it available for free online. Here it is. Enjoy.

(Clearly – very sweary and so NSFW for those of you that would otherwise be allowed to listen to 76 minutes albums on your breaks.)