Lust For A Vampire: Hammer Films Cheesecake Publicity Photos


An exhaustive gallery of Hammer Films’ gleefully gratuitous sexy publicity shots of their female stars.

Back in the 1960s and early Seventies, Hammer Films knew how to promote a film. Sure, the title, the poster and even the story might be important, and we should never forget the main stars too… but Hammer knew that what would get them coverage in the tabloids and magazines were photos of attractive young ladies, in varying states of undress. Sometimes, these press shots had a vague connection to the film’s actual content, others they were entirely gratuitous and didn’t even feature the actresses that appear in the movie. Here is an extensive – but certainly not exhaustive – collection. The more delicate reader should be informed that a few of these photos contain nipples. Smelling salts at the ready…

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