News: Progressive Transgressive And Underground – Genesis P Orridge Films At The Horse Hospital


The Reprobate‘s very own Billy Chainsaw is organising a night of cinematic transgression at London’s Horse Hospital on March 8th, under the title Nova Nights: Progressive Transgressive and Underground.

The evening will consist of three slots. Change Itself – An Art Apart: Genesis P. Orridge is a 2016 film by Swedish director Carl Abrahamsson, and as the title suggests, is a documentary about the always interesting leader of Psychic TV, and former member of Throbbing Gristle, Coum Transmissions and multi-media art terrorist. It’s accompanied by a talk by writer AD Hitchin about the continued cultural relevance of Orridge.

Also from Abrahamsson is Sub Umbra Luna, a 2016 tribute to Derek Jarman’s In the Shadow of the Sun, and closing the event is the premier of Billy Chainsaw and Chris Collier’s three minute cut up film Dementia, followed by more spoken word by Hitchin.

Tickets are £5.00 (plus booking fee) in advance, or £7.00 on the door.