A Is For Atom


The miracles of the atomic age are explained in this classic animated film.

Back in 1953, the atom was a source of both fear and wonder. Fear of the Atom Bomb that threatened to obliterate the world, and wonder at the potential miracles of the atomic age. This animated education film sets out to explain the mysteries of the atom – with ‘Dr Atom’ teaching us how atomic power will be the saving of humanity, powering everything and generally having no risks whatsoever, save for the pesky threat of nuclear war.

Seen today, this seems wildly optimistic and simplistic, and whoever decided that sinister, towering figures looming over the landscape would make atomic energy seem a benevolent friend of humanity probably needed to think the idea through a little more. But the film is a cute bit of retro animation that might not teach you very much but is a lot of fun to watch.

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