The Wedding Of Tiny Tim

the wedding of tiny tim

In The Reprobate: First Transmission (buy it here if for some godforsaken reason you have yet to do so), Daz Lawrence brings us the full, uncensored story of consummate outsider musician Tiny Tim – a genuine eccentric forever doomed to be dismissed as a novelty act.

Yet Tiny Tim did have his moment in the spotlight – an unlikely hit single in the form of Tiptoe Through the Tulips thrust him into the media spotlight, and for a while he was a TV regular – especially on the Johnny Carson Show. So when he married Miss Vicki in 1969, why wouldn’t he do so on live TV?

The interesting thing about this is just how sober it is – can you imagine a TV wedding today that would be shot from one angle, with the bride and groom having their backs to the camera? As much as a televised wedding can be – especially one where the happy couple go straight from the altar to Johnny’s couch for a chat – this seems respectful and sincere. And so it probably sums up the weird contradictions that rattled around inside Tiny Tim completely.

As a bonus, here is Tiny Tim singing his signature tune, again on the Carson show.

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