When Christopher Lee Met David Bowie


An unlikely meeting of two cultural icons in the 1970s.

Ever since his death in 2015, Christopher Lee’s family have been auctioning off pretty much everything that ever belonged to him. The latest auction takes place in just over a week and covers everything from clothing to film posters to awards and shaving kits. Well, they have their reasons, I guess.

Buried amongst the lots (and yes, we went through the lot looking for interesting and affordable Lee memorabilia) was this intriguing photo. Lee clearly relished owning signed photographs of fellow celebrities (there are loads for sale), but this one is especially interesting. After all, Lee and David Bowie never actually worked together – although you rather imagine they should have done.

In fact, Lee claims that they almost recorded a song together. Talking to Get Ready to Rock in 2007, he said “You know, many many years ago, David Bowie asked me if I’d do a record with him. It must be 30 years ago. But we couldn’t find a song that we could both sing, we couldn’t find it. I’m not just name dropping, there’s this man, one of the most famous singers in the world and he asked me if we could do a record. He must have heard something, or knew I could sing or something.”

Lee, of course, would develop an unlikely secondary career as a heavy metal singer in his twilight years. But a duet with Bowie would have been quite the thing…

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