Listen To Le Vampire By DTCV


Fancy a bit of French garage pop to ease you through the afternoon? Who wouldn’t?

Here’s Le Vampire – originally performed by Sixties band Stella, now covered by LA-based band DTCV (pronounced Detective), who are made up of Lola G and ex-Guided By Voices chap James Greer. It comes in advance of their new French language album Confusion Moderne and a UK tour.

DTCV seem to be trying awfully hard to be edgy. Too hard, some might say, with a press release scattered with guff like “the album is entirely written by Lola in French (and) reflects in an oblique way her anti-consumerist, eco-feminist concerns, with the exception of Greer’s corruscating screed against the domestication of rock We Aren’t the Champions, and a description of the band’s music as ‘anarcho-symbolist rock’. But if the rest of the album is as much fun as this, then we can forgive the student politics sloganeering (a touch ripe, one might think, from a duo who apparently met at ‘a party in the Hollywood Hills mansion of a film producer’) – and just enjoy the music.