Veruca James And A Creepy Clown In I Had The Strangest Dream Last Night


There’s a long – if not exactly extensive – tradition in the world of adult movies of making weird, deranged and unsettling movies that seem less about wet dreams and more about nightmares. The works of Stephen Sayadian come to mind, with films like Cafe Flesh and Night Dreams – films that use the adult film format to explore a distinctly darker side of sexuality and fantasy. But we rather thought that in the world of online porn, with its general lack of narrative or invention, that those days were over. Apparently not.

Brazzers  – a company not normally with a reputation for pushing the creative envelope, it must be said – have just released I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night, which they describe as “the most horrifying clown scene ever featured on the site” – a statement that suggests there are more out there. And certainly, the trailer gives most horror movies a run for their money when it comes to out and out creepiness.

Veruca James stars as a woman having a nightmare in which her massage appointment goes horribly wrong, with her masseur turning out to be a clown who “eats the dreams of men” (feeling turned on yet?). She has to try to wake up before the clown swallows her soul.

Certainly a film with its finger on the pulse of current moral panics – creepy clowns being the current cause of hysteria in the USA and UK – it must be said that the film looks pretty amazing. It doesn’t look remotely erotic of course, but maybe that wasn’t the idea. After all, the frissons of fear and arousal are not that far away from each other.

Here’s the trailer (which has no nudity, so is probably safe for work if you employers don’t mind you watching bad trip clown movies at your desk). If we ever get to see the full film, we’ll let you know how it stands up.