News: Crowd Funding Campaigns From Nucleus Films And Frank Henenlotter


We can’t mention every interesting crowd funder that comes our way, but here are two worthy of your attention.

British cult label Nucleus Films – the guys who made the acclaimed Video Nasties documentaries – are seeking funding to restore two Italian cult horror films to pristine quality for blu-ray release. Death Laid An Egg is a fascinating, weird and unique arthouse / giallo hybrid, made by Giulio Questi and starring Jean-Louis Trintignant and Gina Lollobrigida. It’s languished in obscurity for years now, available only as poor quality, VHS-sourced bootlegs.  Lady Frankenstein is rather less arty, but no less interesting for that – it’s a cracking slice of early Seventies exploitation that again has been lost to the world of washed out, beaten up public domain for years. Both films would be a welcome addition to any cult movie fan’s collection.


Cult movie restoration campaigns have usually been wild successes – never underestimate the fanaticism of the HD obsessed  fan – so we are confident that this campaign will reach its £10,000 goal. But the perks are impressive – if the goals are reached, you could get both movies for just £25. So we recommend giving this one a go.

Also worthy of attention is Frank Henenlotter’s latest project, The Trial of Mike Diana – a documentary about the only comic book artist ever convicted of obscenity in America. Diana’s story is a dark and depressing warning from history, with his mail order comic book Boiled Angel becoming a cause celebré in the 1990s culture wars. Henenlotter – best known as the director of Basket Case – has carved a niche making exploitation film documentaries in recent years, and we have no doubt that this will be a fascinating, essential film.