News: New Iron Fist Teaser Trailer


Here at The Reprobate, we have little interest in Marvel’s bloated cinematic offerings – two of us managed to fall asleep during an interminable battle scene in Avengers Assemble – but the expanding Netflix / Marvel TV universe is mre interesting, if only because it is more adult and less big budget, cinematic crowd pleasing in style. The series are heading in the same way as the films – that is, building towards a giant team-up, in this case second division superhero team The Defenders, and following Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage on that journey comes Iron Fist (most of these characters weren’t part of the original Defenders comic books, but never mind). Originally a cash-in on the martial arts craze of the early 70s and the star of a short run comic book series, Iron Fist has remained a minor part of the Marvel universe – but one I was always fond off – and now joins the other small part players (Daredevil aside) with his own 13 part series, starting next year. Here’s the new teaser trailer for the show, sadly lacking the original Iron Fist costume but otherwise looking not awful.