News: A Message From The Temple


A new documentary aims to tell the true story – often distorted by history and tabloid hysteria – of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth, the ‘anti-cult’ movement started in 1981 by Genesis P-Orridge that aimed to bring together transgressive art, music, occultism and sexuality.

Always bound to be provocative – with the shaven headed members sporting a TOPY insignia that, to outsiders, looked like a fascistic symbol, the mix of religious cult provocations, the youth appeal of a ‘pop group’ (in truth PTV only briefly troubled the mainstream music world) and the occult connections that culminated in Orridge being exciled frm the UK after being caught up in the satanic panic of the late 1980s – it might be argued that TOPY was eventually too successful in its aims. Orridge was, famously, branded ‘the most evil man in Britain’ by The Sunday People, which is quite an achievement.


A Message from the Temple plans to tell the decade long story of the rise and fall of TOPY, the aftermath and legacy, as told by those involved or associated with the project, including Orridge, V. Vale (RE/Search), John Aes-Nihil (The Archives of Aesthetic Nihilism),  J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade, Current 93) and others.

The film is currently kickstarting, with a month to raise the budget. There is also a promotional event in New York on October 15th – Ritual Cutting sees transmissions and discussions with various ex-TOPY members.

This is a story long overdue telling and a film we all want to see.  You can find out more and support in various ways here.