Babymetal To Star In Their Own Animated Show


Well, it had to happen, didn’t it? Babymetal – the most interesting thing to happen to the metal scene in years and therefore the scourge of angry old men across the world – are to star in their own animated / live action TV series. It makes sense, given that Babymetal already have the built in mythology that surrounds their live shows, with tales of the girls being sent through time and space by the Fox God to save the world of metal. The series seems set to follow that story, and is being produced by their manager / guru Key Kobayashi.

The odd thing is that while a Japanese band transferring to cartoon status is not that odd, given the Japanese obsession with anime, this would seem to be an American production, from Warner Bros Animation and Warner Digital Series. As far as I know, that makes Babymetal only the second Japanese band to have been animated for American audiences (the first being Puffy Ami Yumi).

There’s no word yet on what the show will be called or where it will be shown. Meanwhile, you can see Babymetal supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers on their December UK tour.